Ortho Classic Announces that Federal Court Judge Denies Move by Ormco to Stop Sales of Ortho Classic’s H4™ Orthodontic Bracket

U.S. District Court concludes that Ortho Classic may continue selling its patent pending H4 brackets to orthodontists around the world.

McMinnville, OR, August 22, 2013Ortho Classic, a leading supplier of high-quality orthodontics products distributed in 85 countries, announced today that a U.S. District Court Judge has denied a request by competitor Ormco to halt the sale of Ortho Classic’s patent pending H4 orthodontic bracket in an Opinion and Order issued on August 9, 2013. The H4 bracket was introduced by Ortho Classic in early 2013.

In the Opinion and Order (Civ.No. 3:13-cv-00401-AC) by the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon, Judge John Acosta concluded that Ormco “failed to make the showing necessary to justify a preliminary injunction” and denied Ormco’s request to halt H4 sales.

Additionally, Judge Acosta wrote in the Opinion and Order that Ormco failed to meet its burden to establish a likelihood of success in its patent infringement lawsuit against Ortho Classic. World Class Technology intends to vigorously defend its Ortho Classic brand and products, and continue to supply its customers with industry-leading innovations in orthodontic technology.

“We are vindicated and pleased by Judge Acosta’s Opinion and Order that rejects Ormco’s request for a preliminary injunction to halt sales of the H4 bracket. We will continue to defend the originality of our patented technology and continue to fill orders,” said Rolf Hagelganz, President of World Class Technology, the parent company of Ortho Classic. “Ortho Classic’s H4 Self-Ligating Bracket has been built from the ground up to fulfill the needs of orthodontists and the patients they serve around the nation. We are proud of the innovation behind our revolutionary product.”

Additionally, on August 22, 2013, Ormco submitted a letter to the U.S. District Court conceding that final judgment should be entered in favor of World Class Technology. Ormco conceded that the H4 bracket does not violate five named patents of Ormco. The Ormco letter to the Court further concedes that the Court should enter final judgment against Ormco on its counterclaim that the H4 bracket infringes the ‘896 patent, if the Court continues to adopt World Class Technology’s defense. In response, President and CEO, Mr. Hagelganz, stated: “Ormco has had our H4 bracket for many months. We are surprised that it has taken this long for Ormco to admit defeat.”

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