H4™ Self-Ligating System




H4™ Speaker’s Bureau


Features & Benefits

The H4™ is a low-friction, light force orthodontic solution that delivers healthy tooth movement with optimal control. The contoured trajectory of the slide and smooth rounded edges increase patient comfort.

  • Patent pending door, slides and locks into both open and closed positions. Rounded contours create hygienic doors that repel plaque
  • Minimal mesial/distal width on the door and slot for increased inter-bracket span to fully express the wire
  • Hooks available on 3’s,4 ‘s, and 5’s
  • Bracket ID marks for easier identification
  • Smooth, round edges for patient comfort
  • Scribe lines for easy bracket placement
  • Slot is passive in initial stages. When using full-sized wire it will make four wall contact
  • Precise slot depths provide improved 3-4 point rotational and torque control.
  • Large under tie-wing clearance for easy ligation to support early elastics, ligatures, metal ligatures, and power chain
  • Compound contour/torque-in-base
  • One piece base/bracket design for optimum pad-to-tooth fit and bond strength.
    Patent pending Treadlok® base provides superior surface area for greater bond strength


Opening & Closing

Pull door occlusal with tool to open. Push door gingival to close.


Directors Tool 3d Tip


The Director Tool™, inspired by the director, provides swift accuracy in opening the bracket doors for the H4™ brackets. It also helps direct the wires for removal and placement.



The H4™ Tool™ is an excellent opening/closing instrument for all H4 brackets. The sloped tip provides a comfortable angle for opening and closing bracket doors.


H4™ Bonding Protocol

Follow these easy tips to assist the bonding process of the H4 self-ligating bracket. Click on the image below to view the PDF or click HERE

Download the full H4 Brochure Here.