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Indirect Bonding

Our Indirect Bonding service is available with all Ortho Classic Brackets including the T1® Self-Ligating Bracket. With Indirect Bonding you can reduce chair time and guarantee accurate bracket placement every time.

  • Exceptional Accuracy
    Accurate positioning is simplified and perfected through indirect bonding. The ability to recognize every angle and rotation for bracket placement up-close provides unparalleled precision on every tooth.
  • Reduced Chair-Time
    Reducing chair-time for your patients without sacrificing accuracy saves time and money. Indirect bonding allows you to increase both your efficiency and the quality of your practice and patient population.
  • Reduced Time Requirements
    Not only will your patients spend less time in the chair, but the time you spend preparing, aligning, and bonding will be reduced dramatically, allowing you to put your time to better use.
  • Simplified Application
    Indirect bonding makes placement and bonding as simple as possible. Each step in the process can utilize auxiliary personnel while still allowing doctor interjection if necessary.
  • Training Opportunities
    The nature of indirect bonding allows up-close examination of positioning. This environment provides an ideal opportunity to train auxiliary staff in bracket positioning.


“… The appliances that we have received have been absolutely perfect. In over 30 years of practice I have not experienced such precision, creativity and personal attention by another orthodontic lab service. A true “wow” experience!” –Dr. Robert Brewka

Fixed Appliances

Our fixed appliances are fabricated to your precise specifications. Our lab custom creates each fixed appliance to your patient’s model, insuring every appliance fits perfectly and is held to the highest standard.

Custom Appliances Including

  • Lower Lingual Holding Arches
  • Rapid Palatal Expanders
  • Unilateral Space Maintainers
  • Quad-Helix
  • Nance Appliance
  • And Many More…

Splints & Functional Appliances

Ortho Classic offers splints in many different varieties including: Gelb Splints, Flat Plane, Incline Bite Plane, and Inhibitor Splints. Each splint is fabricated to meet the patient’s individual needs.

Functional Appliances

With over twenty years of experience, our orthodontic lab is able to create superior appliances of all varieties. Each appliance is handcrafted to your exact specifications from the highest caliber materials and production methods. Ortho Classic can fabricate any standard or custom functional appliances you may need.


  • Schwartz & Bionator I, II, and III
  • Jackson
  • Twin Block
  • Splints
  • And Many More…

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Ortho Classic lab! Their knowledge and experience is truly something to behold. What always blows me away is their service—they always go above and beyond!” —Dr. Bradley Oliver DMD, FAGD

Sleep Apnea Appliances

With the rise in sleep apnea technology, intra-oral appliance therapy is growing in popularity. Intra-oral appliances are being used for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Now is the perfect time to include sleep apnea treatment in your practice. Ask about our TAP appliance service.

Custom Mouthguards

Get a team’s logo or any other design custom made in a mouthguard for your patient. Our lab can put any design you can imagine on a mouthguard. Our mouthguards also come in a variety of colors, and are custom-fit for superior retention.

Study Models

Ortho Classic offers both board-certification and standard study models. Guaranteed quality with every product!

Removable Retainers

Ortho Classic’s full-service lab can produce a variety of removable retainers. Each retainer is designed to meet your exact specifications.

 hawley-03 Hawley Retainer Pink

Customized Retainers

Our handcrafted retainers can be customized to meet every child or adult’s needs. Choose from one of our many standard designs or request your own custom design. Each retainer is made with quality craftsmanship.


Invisible Retainers

Our invisible retainers are made from the finest materials. These thin, clear plastic retainers snap tightly over the teeth with a flawless fit. They are the perfect combination of aesthetics and function!
invisible retainer 01_fmt

Turn-Around Schedule For Laboratory Services


Production Time*


2 Business Days

Fixed Appliances

2 Business Days


5 Business Days


5 Business Days

Sleep Apnea Appliance

5 Business Days

Functional Appliances

5 Business Days

Standard Study Models

8 Business Days

Board Certification Quality Study Models

10 Business Days

*Production time for orders in by 11am Pacific Standard Time

†Rush service available at additional cost. ‡Herbst is a trade name owned by Dentaurum, Inc.

**Price matching requires a recent (within the last 90 days) invoice showing the competitor’s price. Cannot be combined with any other offers, specials, promotions, or coupons.